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The Truth

It’s not that we can’t reach the truth; we’d just never know it if we did.


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There are a lot of people in this world, and yet sadly they are mostly the same. It’s difficult to be different in such a world. It doesn’t matter what you do but rather what makes you do it; you don’t choose your motivations, and if you try to change them something motivates you to do so, and this ambition is not one you picked. There are very few people who are truly unique – they are not extraordinarily smart or pretty, but simply more interesting. They didn’t do anything to become what they are, they did not choose to be so. They were led to it, by things out of their control; and yet, they are different and I am not.
Person A cannot become person B, he can only become a person who wants to be person B, and rarely does this mean actually being that. In my case, it doesn’t.

Don’t get me wrong; it would be nice to be smart or pretty, but that’s just not my main concern.

Oh, and I’m still alive.


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English: One of the symbols of German Women's ...

I know there are a lot of guys who take the ‘women are equal but feminists are crazy/stupid/annoying’ P.O.V. on this one, so I’ll try to emphasise the fact that this is not my own.

First, I don’t hate feminists… in particular. I mean, I can hardly imagine liking someone who identifies as a feminist, because it seems so serious and none-existentialist, but if someone simply believes women are equal to men, it obviously won’t make me dislike them or make it more difficult for me to like them. It’s just that calling yourself a ‘feminist’ sounds annoying. It’s not a label I’d bother wearing.

So, that’s why I disagree with the second part of what I call The Guy Perspective: ‘…but feminist are crazy/stupid/annoying.’

The thing is, I disagree with the first part too.


I’m not saying men are better. I’m not saying women are, either. I just don’t see any reason to believe women and men are equal.

Having said that, I do believe we should treat them equally (with a few exceptions, I guess, with stuff like pregnancy – but not with maternity leave).

Now, maybe you wonder how I define equal… Well, I’m the one saying the two are not necessarily equal, so the ones defining it should be those who say otherwise, but I guess the issue is mainly intelligence. Or any other element of personality, perhaps. It doesn’t really matter – because these things are (most (most) probably) in the brain, and men’s and women’s brains are quite different.

Again, there isn’t a reason to believe one’s better than the other, and yet… I wouldn’t go as far as saying they are equal.

If you’re thinking ‘well, if there is no reason to think one’s better than the other, we can pretty much assume they are equal’ – and I partly agree. This post is not about not-saying men and women are equal because there’s a chance it’s incorrect.

This post is about realising it doesn’t matter whether the two are equal or not.


Imagine this: a brain research shows, almost beyond doubt – the same ‘almost beyond doubt’ as that of the existence of gravity – that men are significantly smarter than women, statistically.

Come one, imagine – it doesn’t make you a chauvinist.

How would chauvinists react? An expected, annoying ‘Ha! I told you so.’ They’d use this research to justify treating women like objects. Would you agree with this notion? Probably not. Statistically more stupid or not, women are humans, after all.

How would liberals react? Casual ignorance, I suppose.

How would feminists react? They would probably accuse the researchers of chauvinism. But let’s say the researchers are a bunch of feminist women who wanted to prove the exact opposite, and had no interest to get these results – but decided to publish them anyway, because they are honest or some shit like that.

How would the feminists react? I wonder. I don’t think they’d take it well.

Now, imagine the opposite; it’s discovered that women are smarter.

How would chauvinists react? Mainly stuff like casual ignorance, or ‘Damn faggots.’

Liberals? There will probably be some men who’d say how much they think women are better than man, and blah blah blah. There are guys like that… somewhy.

Feminists? Well, I seriously doubt I won’t hear ‘Women are better than men!’ quite often, along with rarer but not that rare still ‘This shows we should give women priorities over men!’


I can tell you how I’d react. I’d laugh. I’d laugh because I could immediately hear all the bullshit that’ll be said about this research. I’d get ready for hearing ‘Women are better than men’ all the time, as if it means anything.

Of course, I wouldn’t laugh half as hard as I would if the first scenario occurs. It would just be so funny if the world turns up politically incorrect.

I guess this post is politically incorrect too, somewhy. Fuck that. I don’t even know why. I just know someone would find this as such, or insulting, or both.

I’ll make this clear: I’m not saying there won’t be men who won’t take the second research well. There will be. And I’m not the only one who’d laugh, either. Other men would laugh, and other women. Any individual with a good sense of humour, who sees him/herself as more than a subject of a group. Whether there are more women or men like that, I do not know. I just know that anyone who’d take these hypothetical researches solemnly should take a new look at their lives. They should think about their own personality and intelligence, not the statistical ones of a group they belong to.


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