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I am going to say something which is, to me, untypical. It may be typical to you, or just odd, considering the fact that you live in different places and social circles than I, but to me – it’s an untypical thing to say.

I’m not a geek. Nope. It seems to me that it became fashionable for one to admit shamelessly that they are a geek, but no – I’m not.

And the thing is, most of my friends – and by ‘friends’ I don’t mean actual friends (my actual friends aren’t like what I’m going to describe, I think), but people in the two social circles in which I am in – in which there some lovely people, and some… less lovely people – recently made a habit of admitting they’re all geeks and that all the other people in these circles (which are unrelated) – me, among others – are lifeless geeks.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I like geeks. They’re usually nicer than none-geeks. But I just don’t think I am one.

Before I explain, I should expend on these social circles. One is my school – a science school, for ‘excellent students’ (but not very smart or interesting, mark you). I hate most of the kids there. But there are a few nice ones, and two really real nice ones. The other kids, though, may ‘blame’ each other for being geeks, and when they do there’ll always be a one who’d say that if you go to this school, you’re a geek – and there’ll always be a few that’d agree, and not many that would not. It annoys me.

The reason I go to this school is very simple – my only other optional school is full of kids whom I despise, and who love making fun of me. I don’t give a shit about that the school I am going to is ‘for ‘science’ and ‘excellent students’ – all it really means is that they don’t teach anything but science (unless they must), and that the chances of being beaten up are quite low. It doesn’t even mean they teach science well.

I admit – I like studying, and I like math and physics especially. It doesn’t make me a geek. It just means I’m not a gorilla.

Again – there’s nothing wrong with being a geek, I just don’t think that not being afraid of studying makes you a one.

The other social circle is a website forum for Anime (I don’t watch Anime anymore, and I hardly ever did – but frankly, they’re just Japanese television shows, they’re not really different than other shows, in my opinion) – a certain sub-forum, actually, for writing. Kind of geeky, yes. Anyway, the kids there can sometimes tell me – those I like less, actually, but it has nothing to do with it – that I am, like all the kids there, a geek.

I don’t like that. I like reading, but I’m not a book-worm (even though I’d like to be). Writing certainly doesn’t make one a geek, it just – again – doesn’t make them a gorilla.

I guess most of you wouldn’t like what I had to say, and I get it. Most of you would probably say that ‘classifying people is wrong in general’ and blah blah blah. And if you see ‘geek’ as something bad, I guess you’re right – it would be wrong to classify someone as a geek and then think they are a bad person or something like that. But if you don’t think being a geek is bad – it’s just a type of person, and many identify as such. I just don’t think that the fact that I happened to be in social circles of ‘geeks’ makes me one.

Hmpf, I don’t know. What do you think?


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