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Well, I’ve had a hard time writing this post. I weren’t sure what to write.

Perhaps some of you had seen the ‘Coming Soon’ page; but the thing is, I couldn’t really write any of the posts there – except, maybe, the one about the terrorist Gary Yourofsky, but I didn’t have the patience to write it, because it requires a lot of anger I can’t maintain at the moment. It’s extremely possible I’d dedicate my next post to him.

As for the others – the post about men & women & feminism is not yet organised in my head, impulsiveness & The Real World are sensitive issues for me recently, and I wanted to write a real serious post about AVEN – so I didn’t want to rush into it.

Another post I thought of writing is one explaining My Smurfy Project – but I haven’t started the latter so there isn’t yet much to explain.

Naturally, I looked into Word Press’ advices – but plinky or whatever didn’t ever actually help. I downloaded Windows Live Writer (which I’m using right now – it’s nice, but I prefer Word Press’ online interface, letting alone the fact that it takes it hours to load existing posts I want to edit) – and then found out I already downloaded it before. Twice. Once in June 11, and once – and here’s the funny part – in July Forth, 2010 – before I were even aware of Word Press’ existence. I haven’t solved that mystery yet.

I read and commented on a lot of other blogs, subscribed to a few, and found out that most of the new blogs in Word Press began after mine did and already get more traffic than I do. Yay.

I guess quality is more important than traffic. Let’s pretend I have the first one.

I also looked into here and saw that most of the ideas there were rather cliché (for example: ‘Would you choose the red or the blue pill?’ – now come on). One idea, though, got my attention: ‘What war is worth fighting?’ This topic itself I don’t find very interesting, but I thought I could start with it and continue to explain my idea of moral. Then, I thought it would be rather complicated to explain considering the fact I’m not sure myself how I see moral.

And then, and here’s the bigy – I decided to do something very courageous, and this post’s purpose is to announce it:

From now on, I’m not using the word ‘was’ and all it’s variants. Nope. Just ‘were’. According to Wikitionary, it’s actually the correct use of the word in northern English.

The next post, which I hope to publish today, will be about the war thingy. After that I’d write something about romantic friendships – and if I don’t, I’d write something about them in the post about AVEN.

If you don’t like that ‘were’ idea – I’d tell you a secret. This post is actually about how hard it is to get inspiration sometimes. But shhhh.


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I wanted to share this video to those of you who are not familiar with it.

I agree with every word. I love Stephen Fry.


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Hebrew Has Failed Me

Hebrew has failed me.

What do I mean by that? Let’s examine that question.

Hmpf, well, what are languages for, really? What do we truly need languages for?

The first, and obvious answer is communication. We communicate with other people, using a mutual language. I admit, the Hebrew language has been kind to me in this area; I indeed communicate with other Hebrews using our beloved (mostly by them) language, and quite well, if I may say.

But that is not the only answer, of course. How else do we use language?

Well, we think. Sadly, we usually have to think in a certain language. And even though I think in English quite a lot, I sometimes use Hebrew when I think, and I don’t have much complains.

Another answer is writing. I wrote a lot in Hebrew, but frankly – I’ve become sick of it. I wrote so much in Hebrew lately, and read so many things I’ve written in Hebrew in the last few months, I have become really repulsed by it. Not to worry, it’s nothing long lasing, I hope, I just need to write a little bit in English and I’d be fine.

So yeah, you’ve guessed correctly. I wrote all this just to feel a bit better. It kinda helped, actually.

I love the English language.

I wanted to write something longer, but I had no idea what to write. Oh, well.

~ ~ ~

I actually wrote this a while ago, but it was so post-like I couldn’t not publish it.

And even though I can write in Hebrew again without getting sick, I still prefer writing in English; even, and perhaps especially, these sorts of random musings.


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