Links to stories I published may be found in here. Most of them are small parts of a novel I’m trying to write, and some of them aren’t full ‘stories’, and can, for example, be mere dialogues. The novel is set in a world I call ‘The Third Dimension’. You will (I hope) notice, with time, that certain characters, species and places etc. appear more than once.

Even though they are part of something greater (excuse me if I sound dramatic), most of these stories can be understood by themselves.

They are divided by the characters they concern. For flash fiction, click here.

Dew Nestry


The Dog


Unrelated to the Third Dimension

There aren’t any, yet (not in English, that is).


2 responses to “Stories

  1. authorangelachristinaarcher

    Wed, 22/Jun/2011 at 12:00

    Your writing is fabulous! It is very engaging and your words draw the reader in. If you can get these into a plot, you would have one very good book. And I would have to agree that The Devil Is Calling is my favorite too.

    • DewNestry

      Wed, 22/Jun/2011 at 12:29

      Wow! A reply! And not from someone I know and begged of to comment! Thank you!
      I think The Devil Is Calling is my favourite because it is not just an idea I wrote, but an actual story. I like ‘Dew Nestry’ too, but without understanding the philosophy behind it’s a bit weird.
      And again – thank you.



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