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I miss hating people. Now all I have is contempt. Contempt is boring.


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The Truth

It’s not that we can’t reach the truth; we’d just never know it if we did.


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There are a lot of people in this world, and yet sadly they are mostly the same. It’s difficult to be different in such a world. It doesn’t matter what you do but rather what makes you do it; you don’t choose your motivations, and if you try to change them something motivates you to do so, and this ambition is not one you picked. There are very few people who are truly unique – they are not extraordinarily smart or pretty, but simply more interesting. They didn’t do anything to become what they are, they did not choose to be so. They were led to it, by things out of their control; and yet, they are different and I am not.
Person A cannot become person B, he can only become a person who wants to be person B, and rarely does this mean actually being that. In my case, it doesn’t.

Don’t get me wrong; it would be nice to be smart or pretty, but that’s just not my main concern.

Oh, and I’m still alive.


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Share a memory about the house in which you grew up

I read stupid Plinky e-mails.


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Image representing Wikipedia as depicted in Cr...

Have you ever seen this symbol, or the likes of it? 0, Ø, ø, ∅, ⌀, Ф, Φ, θ? Each time looking exactly the same but meaning something else? Have you ever cracked your head over what the fuck is going on here?

Well… I guess you probably haven’t. But Hell, this is my blog, so I’m gonna explain this crap.

Ø – a letter that appears in Danish, Faroese, Norwegian and Southern Sami languages. Also used in German-speaking countries as an average value.

ø – close-mid front rounded vowel, whatever the fuck that means. (Bear in mind that Wikipedia, for some reason, directs you from ø to Ø).

∅ – the sign for an empty set in Set Theory. Also used as zero in linguistics (an interesting article, I recommend it).

⌀ – the sign for diameter.

0Slashed Zero, used to distinguish it from the letter O. (I can see a minor flaw in this idea, can’t you?)

Ф, Φ, θ – similar looking yet different letters.

  • Ф / ф, the Cyrillic letter corresponding to “f” or “ph”
  • Φ / φ, the Greek letter phi, corresponding to “f” or “ph”
  • Θ / θ, the Greek letter theta, corresponding to “th”

Info taken from here & here. For some reason, Wikipedia points out the difference between ø and Ø in the disambiguation page, but not in anywhere else.

Hope I helped.

I just found out that the empty set symbol is also used as a symbol for neutrois people.

I like this sign.


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Appreciation Of My English Teacher

My English teacher gave us a book report for the summer, about ‘The Adventures of Ulysses’.

Here follows one of the many, many ‘questions’ about the book – there are a few for each chapter, and some chapters are so short he had no idea what to ask about them, as can be seen below:

1. Draw a picture of the sirens, and colour it in. Choose a quotation from the story and write it under the picture.

(Bolding by your humble servant)

YES. Colour it in. That’s part of the task.

I feel appreciated, you know?


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What we are

The reason I was kind of neglected by (from?) writing about ideas like pride is that I have too many things to say, and I don’t know how to say it all or how to summarise it all in one post. It requires too much organising, and I am a slacker. So, instead of trying to remember all the things I have ever thought about the subject, I decided to write what comes to my head now, and if or when I feel I should add to what I wrote today, I’ll write another post. Perhaps I’d have a few series, one for each idea (such as pride). But we’re not yet there, I’m afraid.

Like most, I dislike pride. Not because it’s stupid – yes, it’s very stupid, and circumstantial, but if you go down that rabbit hole you just realise everything is meaningless and circumstantial and blah blah blah. We love people we could have hated and hate people we could have loved in other lives, but that’s true about everything. We love people, as far as I understand it, because we like being with them – and ultimately, that’s what’s important. We feel proud because we can, and it’s a good feeling. I dislike pride when someone feels it as a counterpart to shame, because they feel that if they’re not ashamed by it they should be proud.

There’s nothing wrong with being black, or gay, or yada yada yada. There’s nothing good about it, too. But everyone tries to be so politically fucking correct that even saying that simple, honest statement sounds wrong. Of course there’s nothing good about it, I believe no one would object me saying that black or gay people aren’t better than white or straight people – but saying anything which is not pro-gay or pro-black doesn’t sound politically correct. But criticising what has become of political correction is not my point.

If you want to be be proud of who you are, even though who you are is no better than other people, it’s okay. But if your skin or sexual attraction is a major part of who you are, you’re fucking stupid. There’s nothing wrong with that either; I just dislike it. Makes me nauseous.


I don’t think it’s stupid to think a lot about your sexual attraction. It’s just that, the way I see it, it’s just something you are given, like skin. Of course, your personality is something you are given too, and it’s important to understand that, and that’s why pride is stupid in any way.

All the primal parameters that made us what we are were not in our control. What we are is our sexual attraction, our looks, our intelligence, our personality. Again, even though we don’t have any reason to be proud of who we are, because the creation of ourselves was outside of our control, I guess it’s okay to decide to be proud of it. It doesn’t really make you stupid to include your sexual attraction in who you are, I just don’t like it when people attribute to sexual attraction (or sex) too much meaning – but because I think everything is meaningless, it doesn’t really matter. It’s just that the only thing I attribute meaning to in who I am is my personality. Not even my intelligence.

I guess this is what it all comes to – I dislike it when people attribute meaning to their sexual attraction, looks, intelligence, or anything about them but their personality.

‘But these things are connected!’

NO! Really? You don’t need to be too smart to understand that they’re also separated. Gee…
Not well written, not well organised. It’s nine AM and I haven’t went to bed yet. Live with it (if any of you is still out there).


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