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Ever After

Slow week at Dew Nestry’s. Sorry about that.

But! I wrote a short webcomic review, am going to write some other post (haven’t decided what about, yet), and am going to publish another SinFest Saturday which I already made. (To those of you who haven’t noticed, SinFest Saturdays are always published at 2100).

Anyway, let’s get to the review:

As some of you may know, I love fictional crossovers and remakes of old classics (especially dark ones, such as Wicked, even though I haven’t yet read that), and I even intend writing my own dark remake of The Smurfs and perhaps Little Red Riding Hood (I’m currently trying to see how I’m gonna introduce her the the Third Dimension). I think the new movie got me to watch the old show of The Smurfs, and then to decide to write my own dark version of it – but I don’t really remember what got me thinking about rewriting Little Red Riding Hood. Perhaps it were this drawing, of which I’m rather fond (even though I don’t like its sexual tone), but I don’t remember where I’ve seen it. Perhaps somewhere at DamnLOL (they don’t deserve a link).

Anyhow, I started reading about Little Red, and looked for other people’s remakes of it. I found two webcomics that sounded interesting: Ever After, and No Rest For the Wicked (Wikipedia pages here and here respectively). I haven’t read the second one yet, but the first one focuses on a mentally disturbed Little Red Riding Hood. I couldn’t ask for more, could I?

Ever After has two downsides, and some of you may have noticed the second one: it’s black and white. She’s more like Little Grey Riding Hood, now. I could have been perfect if everything else but her cloak and hood were black and white, and then her redness would have been magnified, but unfortunately, the creator of the webcomic (known as Endling) didn’t do it. O, well.

Anyway, the first problem is a bit more relevant: the webcomic has fifty seven pages, and hasn’t been updated for over a year, which kinda sucks. But! in the Wikipedia page it is said that the comic is on hold because of Endling’s other project, and on his deviant page he said that he has finished said project. But it’s been twenty two days since then, so… you can’t  really know what’s gonna happen. He uploaded, six days ago, a drawing of a character that’s supposed to be in the webcomic eventually – so perhaps things are moving.

About the comic itself: well, I read the fifty seven pages (plus another ten of a side-story) and the story hasn’t yet developed much, so there isn’t much to say. As a beginning, it’s great – really makes you want more.

Ever After is set in a world called Grimmoire – the land of all fairy-tales, and blah blah blah. A world in which, lately, more and more disturbances and ‘incidents’ occurred, by all sorts of nasty creatures, such as witches, dragons and trolls – creatures who are too different than the average fairy in order to fit in society.

Consequently, a most wealthy businessman who goes by the name of ‘Humpty Dumpty’, decided, on his own account, to establish the Everafter Maximum Security Asylum and Home for the Fantastically Traumatised, an institution meant to make the realm of fairy-tales a happier place. The means to do so were horrifyingly simple – it simply got rid of the ‘less flattering residents’ as they call it, and gave them a well deserved rehabilitation. ‘Can they just do that?’ you probably ask – I sure did – well, apparently.

The execution of this policy were done by none else than the Big Bad Wolf. And, sure enough, being terrified from the possibility of being kidnapped by this awful entity, people behaved themself. But, you are not called a big bad wolf for being a little naughty flower. Eventually, the Wolf stopped caring whether he were taking or destroying, and whether the people and cities he came to were good or evil. The Everafter faculty obviously tried to catch him, but the Wolf was their main executor for reason. But, of course, everyone leaves survivors – even the Big Bad Wolf, and survivors talk…

So, if they couldn’t catch the source of the problem, they at least silenced those who knew who it were, and who unleashed it, in order to save their necks.

Ever After focuses – or at least has been so far – on the story of one girl, one girl who needed to be silenced. But that’s not her only problem.


It is true that so far the side of the ‘bad guys’ – i.e. the witches’, the trolls’, the dragons’, and all those creatures – hasn’t been shown, but Ever After barley began.  I recommend starting reading it, and then, well, hoping that it would be continued. But even if it doesn’t, what’s been written so far is pretty good too.


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(Apparently you spell SinFest with a capital F).

Well, I said I were going to read the webcomic SinFest – and I did. It’s really cute.

Being the kind of guy that I am, I immediately decided, when encountering SinFest’s (or is it ‘SinFest’s’? Should the s be italicised?) website, to go to the site’s archives and read all of of the strips that have been published since the very first one, in January 2000. Currently, I’m reading the strips of May 2000. Yup – there’s still much for me to read (the strips, normally, are published every day. Do the math).

So far, it’s pretty funny. I hope they would keep it up (or will have kept it up? To be honest I’m not sure how to phrase this). There are plenty biblical characters in it, and anyone who knows me or my writings knows how I love biblical references. I really love what they did with God and the Devil. In addition, there are supposed to be some gender LOLs there – that’s, after all, how I became aware of SinFest.

To summarise: go and read it. I also recommend reading the Wikipedia article.

A few of my favourites so far:

(Click the picture and click ‘next’ to read the strips that follow).

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