Hmm, well, this is my blog (surprising, ain’t it?).

It doesn’t really have a direction, but at the moment there are three main things I do with it:

  1. Review stuff I read (see the Reviews Page).
  2. Publish stories I write (see the Stories Page).
  3. Write thoughts I think (see the Thoughts Page). That includes a weekly tradition of publishing my SinFest‘s favourite strips.

You can also look at the ‘Latest’ on the right sidebar to see the recent posts.

In addition, I added a ‘Coming Soon’ page with a list of posts I intend to publish.

Best Of:

  1. The Devil Is Calling. (Story)
  2. Free Choice? (Musings)
  3. A Heroic Quest? (Story)

2 responses to “About

  1. We're Jumpin'

    Sat, 09/Jul/2011 at 05:21

    Visiting to say hi. Thank you for subscribing :)



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