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The Versatile Blogger Award Nomination

Well… There aren’t many good things that can be said about my blog, but it’s certainly versatile. Embarrassing to say, but I actually checked this word in the dictionary.

Anyway, I truly thank Lucianus Mauricius from to nominate me. He’s one of my very last followers (like I ever had any…) and it’s nice of him to recognise my blog. Recognise as in acknowledging it as true, i.e. exist. And for recognising it as versatile.

Anyway, there are all sorts of rules for this award:

  1. Add a picture of the award to this post.
  2. Thank who nominated you. This rule doesn’t apply for those I’d nominate. I don’t like it. (Mind you that if I hadn’t really wanted to thank Lucianus for nominating me I’d simply not accept this award.)
  3. Nominate 15 other Bloggers and inform those 15 they have been nominated. I will nominate as many as I can, since I don’t read that many blogs.
  4. Share 7 random facts about yourself.

The blogs I want to nominate: (Order is irrelevant)

  • The Embarrassment – “About things and their practicality and how they do or don’t affect our lives. This is a light-hearted attempt at bringing to fore some of the not so important things in life.”
  • The Eye Life – I’m not sure what the idea behind the blog is, but it’s really funny and well written.
  • You Pal Jason – The funniest blog I have yet encountered.
  • Finding 42 – “42 was the answer to the all questions about life (‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’), but could have well been a mislead. This blog is its author’s way to find the ‘42′.”
  • Definition Of Love – A blog that tries to define aspects of Love. I find it truly refreshing.
  • Sarcastic Comments – An amusing blog about all sorts of stuff.

I preferred to use bullets rather than numbers as to not emphasise how few there are.

Anyway, seven random fact:

  1. I’m random.
  2. My hair was black before it mysteriously turned to black-with-red-lustre.
  3. I dyed my hair red.
  4. I have the dignity of a dog who suffers from inferiority complex.
  5. I really love math and physics.
  6. I consider myself a writer.
  7. I want to leave high school just for the sake of knowing I haven’t actually finished high school. I actually believe I’d do it.

Well, that’s it for now. Guess I’m supposed to go over all the blogs  I nominated to let them know I have.


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Image representing Wikipedia as depicted in Cr...

Have you ever seen this symbol, or the likes of it? 0, Ø, ø, ∅, ⌀, Ф, Φ, θ? Each time looking exactly the same but meaning something else? Have you ever cracked your head over what the fuck is going on here?

Well… I guess you probably haven’t. But Hell, this is my blog, so I’m gonna explain this crap.

Ø – a letter that appears in Danish, Faroese, Norwegian and Southern Sami languages. Also used in German-speaking countries as an average value.

ø – close-mid front rounded vowel, whatever the fuck that means. (Bear in mind that Wikipedia, for some reason, directs you from ø to Ø).

∅ – the sign for an empty set in Set Theory. Also used as zero in linguistics (an interesting article, I recommend it).

⌀ – the sign for diameter.

0Slashed Zero, used to distinguish it from the letter O. (I can see a minor flaw in this idea, can’t you?)

Ф, Φ, θ – similar looking yet different letters.

  • Ф / ф, the Cyrillic letter corresponding to “f” or “ph”
  • Φ / φ, the Greek letter phi, corresponding to “f” or “ph”
  • Θ / θ, the Greek letter theta, corresponding to “th”

Info taken from here & here. For some reason, Wikipedia points out the difference between ø and Ø in the disambiguation page, but not in anywhere else.

Hope I helped.

I just found out that the empty set symbol is also used as a symbol for neutrois people.

I like this sign.


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I like purple. It’s a mixture of male blue and female pink, it’s regarded as an ‘asexual’ symbol, and to top all that it even looks good.

There are a few posts coming up. The Versatile Award, some bulcrap about first world problems and why I’m sick of this phrase, and… well, I’d promise a story too but no one seems to like that aspect of this blog.

Hmm… Purple.


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Peter K.

Peter K. (2012).doc

2012, December 21

Peter K. hid between the trees in a dark corner. Well, it wasn’t dark per se, but there was something dark about its being.
His classmates – a bunch of average, boring second graders – have probably crushed his teacher’s attempts to convince them the world was not about to end, if any bothered existing in the first place. He couldn’t think of any reason for them to do so, but then again he couldn’t think of any for himself either.
He’d have gone home, but home wasn’t much better as of late. It’d been quite unwelcoming ever since his mother was gone. He wasn’t sure where she went, but it sounded like a better place. Family members of his had gone to better places before. Sometimes he got the impression they were all in the same place.
Although, usually, when it happened, all his family got together, sang together, and talked about how he or she were probably in that better place. This time, they came separately, some of them saying how sorry they were and most of them claiming that some other woman would replace her eventually, using these words or others. They didn’t sing together and didn’t say she was in a better place. This time, it was his father who gave him the impression that her location was better. Firstly, their own location quite sucked ever since she was gone; and secondly, he always mumbled things about her laughing at him with some other guy and his friends. Peter wasn’t sure what was so funny, but it certainly sounded more fun than dealing with his father.
When his father didn’t curse his mother and complain about all the fun she was apparently having with that guy and his friends, he cursed himself and said he was rightly served. He’d go on and on about how he ‘…should never have left her.’ At first Peter did not understand how his father could see himself as the active one in this separation, but eventually he realised that ‘her’ was some woman to whom his father did something similar to what Peter’s mother did to him. ‘Of course, I didn’t leave her to whore around!’ he could suddenly shout, but then he’d say that he still shouldn’t have left her.
At this point, his father’s anger would be pointed at his family. He’d complain about how they convinced him to do what he did, telling him it was the right thing. ‘Heartless robots, that’s what they are. All they care about is the rules. I could have been living with the woman I loved  right now, but instead I sit here like a dog.’
When he said that, a few weeks ago, he suddenly noticed Peter. He grabbed him, looking him right in the eyes, and said: ‘Never leave your family because of religion. Never. Promise me that.’
He stared at Peter, until the latter realised he actually wanted him to promise that;  at first, he wanted to tell him he wasn’t counting on having a wife, and that if he ever found a person he didn’t want to murder like usual but rather want to grow old with, he’d simply grow old and do it with them, unless he found a way not to grow old, because after all who wanted to grow old? but then he realised that arguing with his father about such nonsense wasn’t a good idea at this point, and said ‘I promise.’



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